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Canvas Stud No 2

Canvas Stud No 2

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Approx 2 in

Things to know


Polymer Clay

Stainless steel posts and backs

Your piece is handmade from beginning to end. You may see minor imperfections whether that’s a makers mark, a small air bubble or something else giving it that human element. Know that every piece is made to high standard and you’re receiving a piece made specifically for you. 

*keep out of extreme temperatures. The hotter the clay piece gets the more flexible it’ll get and could potentially break if bent too far. Polymer clay is incredibly durable but there are limits. Stains may occur when wearing your pieces with makeup. Use a baby wipe or a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a q tip to try to remove but we can’t guarantee all stains can or will be able to be removed. We’re not responsible for broken, stained or otherwise damaged pieces unless you received them that way from the packaging.

*your pieces can be worn in water. I’d be careful for how long they’re exposed and depending on the components of your pieces you may see tarnishing. For longevity we advise you try to keep them clean, dry and cool. But again, taking care of your pieces is your responsibility once they’re in your possession


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