Me & Sustainability


Hello! My name is Gabrielle Soliz and I'm the name and brain behind Such A 4! I'm honored you're here, supporting me and showing my art some love. 

Such A 4 came about because I am an enneagram 4w5. The Free Spirit. I'm creative, investigative, authentic, introspective and deep. I feel everything. And analyze the world around me. Such A 4 is my outlet to create and be my most individualistic self. To express how I feel in a given moment. If I don't love it, I won't make it or list it. Sometimes I'll even take down a listing if I fall out of love with it. It's part of my process to bring my most authentic inner expressions out for the world to take in.

I tend to create pieces in the moment based on what has most recently inspired me. Whether that's interior design, architecture or fine art. My business relies on my passion for shapes and colors and for the harmony they can create. Yet, I'm an ever changing human and my art reflects that.

Sharing my art with you is nothing short of amazing and to see you purchase and wear my art is even more incredible. So thank YOU for loving a part of me. 


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*photo above is my family and I (Liam our 5.5 year old and my partner Rory) 


*Local in Denver, CO 




Here at Such A 4, sustainability is one of my highest values. I can admit to not being perfect about sustainability in our home but everyday we do our best and in my business I've made it a value to uphold. For me, you, and most importantly our planet. Our planet has always needed us to step up and be mindful of our footprint but now more than ever this is crucial. I'm doing my part so that you can feel good about your purchases and to make it easy for you to choose our planet. 

Made out of polymer clay, these earrings are very durable and lightweight. I spend much time sanding each piece to give it that baby smooth finish. You can rest assured that the post on your earring is incredibly secure. I mill the post into the clay and adhere it with liquid clay making for a clean finish that will last you a lifetime. 

I make most pieces to order, eliminating waste of product. 

*Your package comes boxed in:


  • 100% post-consumer and post-industrial content
  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable
  • Absolutely NO virgin fiber content
  • Made in the USA
  • Your pieces will come beautifully packaged in GreenWay® 100% recycled jewelry box

  • Our tissue paper is 100% recycled and made in the USA

    Consider the handmade nature of each piece. No two will be identical. Each one is made just for you, wearable art you can be proud of.